How to boost our immunity?

This time the topic of our article is how to boost our immunity? Because nowadays everyone wants to strengthen their immune system. Coronavirus infection is still increasing rapidly in India. To prevent this, it is not only necessary to wear a mask and follow social distancing. In such a situation, only a strong immune system can protect you from the infection of the Covid epidemic. Because most of the people who have weak immune systems are falling prey to this virus.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

It is very important for us to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Because, in order to strengthen the immune system, we must first adopt a healthy lifestyle. Under this, we have to leave many such things in life and adopt some other habits. These are such natural habits by which we will not only improve our quality of life. But also stay healthy by boosting the immune system naturally. Actually, our immune system is strong and weak due to the effect it has on all the parts of the body. This is the reason that for a strong immune system, we need to pay attention to every little thing. Hence it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle.

  • Don’t take stress

It was also seen in one study that taking more stress weakens the immunity of a person to a great extent. So if we want to boost our immunity, then do not take the stress. Excessive stress has an effect on many cells of the body. Due to which it also damages the cells of the immune system and our immune system becomes weak.

  • Don’t take drink and smoke

For a strong immune system, first of all, we should not drink and smoke. People who consume more alcohol and smoke have a bad effect on their lungs and respiratory system. Due to which their immunity becomes very weak. Therefore, for strong immunity, we should give up drinking and smoking.

  • Get plenty of sleep

Research has claimed that getting enough sleep can also keep the immune system strong. If we do not get enough sleep, then the immune system of our body gradually starts weakening. So if we want to keep our immunity system strong then we should get enough sleep.

  • Do exercise daily

Doing daily exercising and yoga not only affects fitness but also strengthens the immune system. That’s why we should exercise daily so that our immunity remains strong.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables

Such essential nutrients are present in fruits and vegetables that help to a great extent in increasing our immunity. Therefore it is generally recommended to consume fruits and vegetables.

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What to eat to boost immunity?

  • Vitamin C rich foods

Vitamin C rich things are very important to boost immunity. This contains antioxidants that fight damage in the body and protect us from infection. There are many such fruits like orange, guava, amla, berries, lemon, strawberry, and papaya. There are many vegetables like green and red capsicum, tomato green chili, spinach, etc.

  • Antioxidant Foods

Including antioxidant foods in the diet boosts immunity. Antioxidant foods like berries, onions, garlic, ginger, carrots, kiwis, almonds, pumpkins, amla, oranges, etc., contain vitamins C, B, and E. This helps a lot in boosting immunity.

  • Fermented food

Fermented food is considered very beneficial in boosting immunity. If we consume fermented food then it is beneficial for our intestines. You can eat fermented food like yogurt, kefir, kimchi, etc. Fermented foods also help in relieving gas, acidity, constipation, and digestive problems.

  • Star anise

Star anise is a star anise. It contains many beneficial ingredients which are useful for curing many diseases. This is a kind of spice that we usually use. We can drink it by adding it to morning tea or by boiling it well in water or adding green tea. Using it boosts immunity.

  • Prebiotic food

Prebiotic food is very good for keeping the intestines healthy. Prebiotics like flaxseed, chia seed, apple, oats, millet, potato, banana, garlic, kiwi increase the good bacteria in the intestines. Due to which the digestion is better. Consuming this type of prebiotic diet strengthens the immune system.

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