What is Keto diet? What are the benefits of a keto diet?


Keto diet is a type of diet in which weight is reduced rapidly. It is becoming very famous everywhere in the world. Keto diet is low in carbohydrates. Keto diet causes the liver to make ketones, which the body starts using as energy. Apart from keto diet, this diet is also known as “low carb and high fat diet”. When we eat foods high in carbohydrates, the body starts producing glucose and insulin. Each person needs a special number of ketones. Rather than carbohydrates, the body burns fat and uses it as energy. Taking less carbohydrates in the diet creates a state of “ketosis” in the body. Ketosis is a natural process, which helps us to survive when the amount of food is less.

How does Keto Diet work?

When you eat less and less carbohydrates then our body runs out of blood sugar and body starts producing ketones for energy. Ketones in the liver are made from fatty acids found in food or from our body fat. So our liver actually burns fat to make ketones which results in weight loss. This process is called ketosis.

Benefits of Keto Diet

In a keto diet plan, a conscious effort is made to cut down on carbs that are easy to digest. Keto diet has many benefits which are as follows.

For weight loss – Using a keto diet increases energy in the body. Due to which our body starts using fat as energy. The use of this diet reduces body fat. Our body starts burning fat. Due to which the extent of insulin within the body becomes very low. To control blood sugar, the food we eat reduces the level of blood sugar.

To increase mental concentration – By doing keto diet, the concentration power of the brain increases. Many people adopt keto diet to improve mental performance. When we consume carbohydrates in moderation, big spikes in blood sugar are avoided. Together these two enhance the focus and concentration of our brain. That’s why the keto diet is a great source of energy for the brain.

Controls Cholesterol and Blood Pressure – Keto diet helps in increasing cholesterol. Which is beneficial for the arteries. Because the low amount of carbohydrates reduces bad cholesterol and helps in increasing good cholesterol. This diet can over time eliminate diseases like LDL cholesterol and type-2 diabetes.

In removing acne – By taking a keto diet, our skin starts improving automatically. Wounds and skin inflammation were found to improve during the low-carbohydrate diet. If we do keto diet for 12 weeks, then our acne and skin inflammation do not occur.

Insulin Management – Low-carb is also good for controlling insulin levels and lowering blood sugar levels and subsequently sugar levels. Insulin resistance can lead to type-2 diabetes if it is not controlled properly. There is a lot of research that suggests that low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets can help reduce insulin levels and keep their levels healthy.

Side Effects of Keto Diet

Along with the advantages of keto diet, there are also some disadvantages. Which are as follows.

The side effect of keto diet is that the body does not get enough fiber and nutrients. Carbohydrates are also taken less. This features a profound effect on the digestive system. Due to this, the person may complain of digestion-related problems i.e. constipation. Consuming fiber and non-starchy vegetables provide relief from constipation.

This can cause problems like stiffness, strain and fatigue in the muscles of our body, mainly due to disturbances in electrolytes. This problem can be caused by a lack of carbohydrates. However, there’s no worry about this. It gives us an indication that there is a lack of minerals in our body. Especially magnesium. That’s why we have to take more and more liquid foods and salt in our diet. With this, the deficiency of magnesium in our body will be completed and the problem of cramps will be relieved.

When we start taking keto diet, then our physical capacity starts decreasing. This happens because our body uses fat as energy. So there is no need to worry, in a few days our physical capacity will be the same as before.

What should we eat in keto diet?

We should be prepared to consume lots of fat, some protein and almost zero carbs throughout our day. Today I will tell you about some such foods, which can be eaten in keto diet. All these foods are high fat and low carb.

  1. Egg

Egg is a healthy and nutritional superfood. Eggs are high in protein, B vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. An egg contains about less than 1 gram of carbohydrate and about 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat. That’s why it is a keto-friendly food. Eggs also contain antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which help protect eye health.

  1. Cheese

Cheese is vegetarian and healthy protein food. Cheese contains zero carbohydrates and is high in fat, which makes it very suitable for a ketogenic diet. 150 grams of Cheese contains 18 grams of protein and about 5 grams of carbs. It is also rich in protein and calcium.

  1. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are high in fat and are full of fat, fiber and protein. They are also very low in carbs. Consumption of nuts helps in fighting diseases like heart conditions, cancer, and depression.

  1. Olive oil

Olive oil is considered to be the healthiest fat. It is high in oleic acid and is associated with a lower risk of heart disease

  1. Meat

Meat is a source of lean protein and is considered a staple in a ketogenic diet. Fresh meats contain no carbohydrates and are rich in B vitamins and several minerals, including potassium, selenium and zinc. While processed meats, such as bacon and sausage, are allowed on keto, they are not best for your heart and may increase your risk of certain types of cancer if you eat too many. Choose chicken, fish and beef more often and limit processed meats.

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