How to get six pack in 30 days with six abs workout?

Through this post, we will tell you to get six pack in 30 days. What diet do you need to take along with the workout of Six Pack Abs so that you can get Six Pack abs within 30 days? In the diet plan of the Six Pack abs, we should not do any kind of negligence. If we compromise we will not get a great result. We follow all the rules well then we will get the Six Pack in 30 days.

We should follow our diet well and do not miss any exercise in the workout. Because when we leave the exercise we have to do the exercise again so we should not leave any exercise. When we do something, then it is very important to have hard work, honesty, responsibility, and determination. We can achieve anything only by doing this. Only by doing this, we can make six pack in 30 days.

Nowadays the trend of making six pack abs is going on. Everywhere, everyone wants to make 6 pack abs. By the way, there is no secret way to make 6 pack abs overnight, or in a few days. To get a six pack, you have to have dedication, time, and patience. Just regular exercise and a healthy diet can definitely help you in doing so.

Diet six pack in 30 days and six abs workouts

  1. You have to take the diet in 5-6 times, for getting six pack in 30 days. You don’t have to eat the diet two to three times, you have to eat a little 5-6 times. By doing this, your metabolism will also be fast and your digestive system will work properly so that in your body Fat will not be formed.
  2. We should little use high carbs food in our diet like rice, sugar, banana, potato, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. This type of food should be consumed in small quantities. For getting six pack in 30 days, we need energy during workouts and such food energy. This type of food is essential for energy.
  3. We should eat heavy food in the morning so that we feel less hungry. We can’t consume more calories at one time. Dinner should take, 2-3 hours before bedtime, and should take care that the stomach not be completely full of food. We should eat light food because calories are not burnt at night due to which it is converted into fat.
  4. We should add more and more protein to our diet. Protein is easily digested and converts our fat into muscles. It is not possible to make six pack abs in 30 days without protein. We should include chicken, egg, fish, soybean, cheese, groats, and yogurt in our diet.
  5. We should not include junk food like ghee, samosa, paratha, burger, dosa and oily food etc in our diet. This oily food increases our fat rapidly and has a bad effect on six pack abs in 30 days. We should drink more and more water. At least 10 to 12 glasses of water must be drunk throughout the day because water is very useful in reducing fat.
  6. We should reduce the fat content in our diet because fat only hinders the six abs workout. Fat is also necessary, but other diets can meet the amount of fat, so a high-fat diet should be stopped. We should include boiled food in our diet. Because boiled food is low in fat, so we should use more boiled food.
  7. We should take the right amount of protein because if we do not take the right amount of protein then it takes a lot of time to grow your other muscle with our six packs.
  8. We should concentrate on our diet. We should not include our diet chart with high oil, and junk food. We should include foods with the right nutrients in our diet. It helps in reducing our body fat. With which we can make six pack in 30 days as quickly as possible.
  9. We should not do exercise for six pack every day. If we do exercise for six packs daily, then our body will not get rest. The body does not get rest, then the muscle will not be able to grow properly. We should do exercises for one or two days in a week so that the muscle gets time to grow.
  10. We should stop overtraining workouts. If we apply 600-800 Crunches a day then this is not the right way to make a six pack. We should take care of overtraining while exercising six packs. This will improve the strength of our muscles and our muscles will be made soon.
  11. We should focus on quality more than quantity when making a six pack, because if we do not exercise properly then it will take more time to create our six pack in 30 days.
Six Pack in 30 days


Lie on your back, keep the legs straight on the ground and bend the knee and bring both hands behind the head and try to lift the upper body towards the knees. It is also a great exercise which is good for creating six pack abs and cutting.

Bicycle Crunches

Lie on your back on the ground. Bend the curl and move the hands behind the head and raise the feet above the ground. Take your left leg over the body and spread it straight to the other as the pendles of the cycle die. When the pandal is raised keep the shoulder up.

Hanging leg raise

In this, you have to hang like a pull-up and raise both legs up to 90% and then bring it back slowly. It is very helpful to get a six pack Abs.


This is a very difficult exercise for Abs, it seems easy to see, but when we do it, we will know how difficult it is. In this exercise, you have to lie down on your stomach like a push-up and keep both elbows on the ground. You have to be on the claw and hold yourself for some time in this position.

Jackknife crunches

In this exercise, you lie on your back and lift both hands up and lift both your legs up and be in v position and try to hold both hands and toes and in this position, you will spend some time. Jackknife Crunches is very important for six pack in 30 days. If you are unable to keep hold of yourself, then you can touch both your legs and come back to the normal position, but keep doing this exercise for some time.

Apart from this, Swimming, Running, and Cycling also helps in six packs in these 30 days. And the main point is if you start doing any exercises, then first warm up.

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